UGears Trimaran Merihobus


The body of the Trimaran Merihobus is made in the “skeleton” style to ensure good visibility of the mechanism and the design of the sailboat, including such details as bulkheads, frames and beams. The rear rudder blade is steered by the ropes connected through the pontoons to the master wheel on the stern. 

The mainsail and fore staysail on the mast can be set or taken in, just like on real trimarans. The mainsail of the Trimaran Merihobus is set on the mast groove with the main top halliard. The staysail “rolls up” on a stay. At the front under the bowsprit you will find the staysail’s winch drum. Sail booms are operated by a lever that pulls the sheet of the boom. The anchor cable winch based inside the Trimaran’s body has an automatic-tensioning mechanism that picks up an anchor. 

Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting

  • 237 parts
  • ~12 hour build time 
  • Model Size: 41 x 23.5 x 56 cm
  • Ages 14+

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