Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor Star Wars Luke vs. Rancour Diorama - Limited Edition


This Limited Edition Star Wars Luke vs Rancor diorama perfectly captures the tiny minutiae of the monster Rancor's powerful physique and Luke Skywalker's character that makes this classic Star Wars scene iconic.

Luke's harrowing encounter with the Rancor is reproduced in a diorama. The impending close quarters combat, and the sense of inescapability are effectively simulated.

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

Each Limited Edition Star Wars Luke vs Rancor Diorama comes with a certificate of authenticity and packed in a very cool looking gift box. There have only been 500 units of these Luke vs Rancor Diorama's hand crafted for world wide distribution and CoolThings Australia through its partners have been allocated a small amount to make available to our Star Wars Fans. They are officially licenced and approved by Disney & Lucasfilm Ltd.

Made from Pewter
The precious metal from a galaxy far far away, this Limited Edition Star Wars Luke vs Rancor Diorama has been cast then hand finished from high quality pewter consisting of of 92% to 97% tin, with a small proportion of copper and antimony added to strengthen the alloy - the highest international standard for pewter. It is heavier and much stronger than standard spun pewter.

While most metal surfaces might dull over a period of time, pewter does not tarnish or corrode easily. Instead it develops a pleasing subdued tone unique to the metal over time and with use, this will only add to the stylisation of this cool Limited Edition Star Wars Luke vs Rancor Diorama.

Luke vs Rancor Diorama's Size: 12cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 23.5cm (H)

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