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Playforever MINI UFO Columba


The Playforever Mini UFO Colomba is a splendid fusion of vintage design and modern play. Inspired by 1970s concept cars, it features a sleek, futuristic look in a striking glossy white finish. Made from high-grade ABS plastic, this toy is built to last, enduring the rigours of playtime with ease.

It is hand-polished and finished with a high gloss UV coating, appealing to collectors and children. Its striking design and robust construction make the UFO Colomba not just a toy but a piece of art, perfect for play and display.

Whether for imaginative play or as a collector’s item, it’s a standout choice for style, durability, and creativity.


  • Inspired by 1970s concept cars featuring a sleek, futuristic design in glossy white finish.
  • Constructed from durable, high-grade ABS plastic for lasting enjoyment.
  • Hand-polished with a high gloss UV coating, appealing to both children and collectors.
  • Ideal for imaginative play or as a striking collector’s item.
  • Combines style, durability, and creative potential in a unique toy.
  • Size – 17.6cm x 9.2cm x 5.8cm

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